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Samsung 21

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Features of Liquid
Nano Windshield Protection

Repels Rain

Our proprietary Si02 formula utilizes unmatched hydrophobic properties to repel large amounts of Water and Rain

Improves Visibility

Our product not only deflects external debris, but leaves an HD-like shine and improves overall visibility!

Frost, Ice & Snow
Won't Stick

Our Nano Technology is made to repel heavy amounts of Frost, Ice & Snow. Nothing sticks to your glass!

Helps Prevent
Chips and Cracks

The protective coating creates an invisible layer that hardens your glass at a molecular level (9H) to prevent chips & cracks on your windshield


Installation Kit Includes

  • 2 X Cleaning Wipes
  • 2 X 8mL Si02 Nano Coating Wipes
  • 1 X Microfiber Cloth
  • 1 X Buffer Pad

Treated vs. Untreated

The benefits of SI02 Liquid Nano treated glass is night & day. Don't wait, get protected today!

How To Apply Liquid Nano Windshield Protection

Our simple installation process only takes 10 minutes and comes with everything you need to get protected now!

Image 1

Wipe windshield with included cleaning cloth to remove dirt and debris.

Image 2

Dry the windshield surface clean using the microfiber cloth

Image 3

Thoroughly apply nano coating solution on 1/2 of the windshield

Image 4
Buff & Repeat

Allow solution to dry for 5 minutes than Buff clean and repeat on the other side!

I hate water marks and stuff building up on my windshield. Really easy to apply, and the water just beads right off!


Application process was easy, I took my car around the block and sprayed my windshield and the water just flew off! Highly suggest to all my friends and family


I love the mountain and snowboarding, this product prevents snow and ice from sticking to my windshield. Do yourself and your windshield a favor and get Simple Armour!